Frequently asked questions

This is a basic platform built in a very short period of time to fill the existing vacuum in terms fulfilling basic needs of general public, which was created due to strict measures taken by the authorities to combat COVID-19. We facilitate individuals, organizations, volunteers, concerned citizens, etc. to place their requests or requests on behalf of others under 3 main categories; Groceries, Medicine and Public services. At the same time we promote this among volunteers, donors, etc. where they will be able to get in touch with the request generator and proceed.
We do not charge a fee. This is purely an attempt to support fellow citizens in Sri Lanka in this hour of need.
1st Step : You need to click on the “add new request” button and fill the request form properly and submit.
2nd Step : If the request is in order, moderator will approve the request, and once approved, it will be visible to the interested parties.
1st Step : Approved requests will be available in our dashboard under relevant categories. You can select a request from a specific category and view it in the platform.
2nd Step : If you are confident you can provide the goods/services as requested, you may contact the respective person/organization through the listed contact number and proceed.
It will be based on the retailer’s capacity to deliver. If the retailer can provide delivery services you may request same.

2SL is developed and maintained by team.

For general enquiries:
Piumal Mallawa Arachchi (+94 776 124 256 | dpiumal[at]
Rasika Deshpriya (+94 770 412 862| pkdrasika[at]

For development & technical issues:
Isanka Wijerathne
Bhaddhika Nawalage

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